Training workshop

This Training/Workshop aims to present the knowledge gained from the EDC-WFD project whose objective is to develop reliable and harmonized measurement methods for estrogens, which are key Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC), to comply with Water Framework Directive requirements

This Training/Workshop aims to accelerate the transfer of the most promising measurement methods and methodologies to interested parties: laboratories, PT(Proficiency Test) providers, researchers. It will provide an open discussion forum based on presentations of the main achievements of the project. The training workshop will cover all aspects of measurements from sampling to final method validation and will address both Mass spectrometry based methods as well as incoming Effect Based Methods (in vitro bioessays). It will be held in webminar format. The participation is free of charge.

The deadline for registration was first July 1, but we have been obliged to cancel the July session and to postpone it to September due to the unavailability of highly motivated participants and also due to health problems affecting the organizing team.

We apologize for this delay and hope to have you as participants at the September session. The new dates are fixed at the 7th, 8th and 9th of september. The new deadline for registration is fixed the 1st of september at 12 pm.

To learn more on the EDC-WFD project , have a look on website


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